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Company on the move

FST Logistics, Inc. started its operations as Franklin Specialty Transport in Columbus, Ohio in 1991 with only 11 employees. The company quickly found its niche as an asset-based specialty carrier, providing multi-temperature-controlled LTL transportation services.

In 1993, after gaining ground in the LTL industry, FST added an Interstate Truckload division known as FST Express. By the end of 1997, FST had grown to more than 65 employees and continued its growth by adding a Brokerage Division to handle truckload services, point-to-point throughout the 48 states. Also added to the line-up was an Intrastate Division that handles transportation services, both truckload and LTL, within the state of Ohio.

In 1998, FST acquired ANCON, Inc., a Columbus, Ohio based public warehousing company that serviced the food industry and pool distributors. With the acquisition of ANCON, Inc., FST was able to provide both multi-temperature-controlled warehousing and transportation solutions to its customers; operating as a full service logistics company. By this time, FST had grown to more than 130 employees.

Currently, FST has more than 250 employees and has expanded its LTL pick-up and delivery services with customers based in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. FST also provides frozen truckload, LTL and multi-temperature warehousing services within the state of Ohio.

Today, FST features:
  • Inbound/Outbound Traffic Analysis (IOTA)
  • Coast-to-Coast movements (CTC)
  • IWLA - Fully Insured Trucking Liability (IWLA)
  • Insured - Fully Insured Warehousemen's Legal
  • DOT - Worker's Compensation Insured
  • ICC - Interstate & Intrastate registered
  • Workers Compensation - Registered Haz Mat Carrier
  • General Liability - Food Grade Facilities
  • AIB International
  • ASI Food Safety